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ActivTrak is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install cloud-based monitoring software that captures real time data of on-site and remote workers’ use of the internet and applications, allowing you better control of employee performance and efficiency.


How Does ActivTrak Work?

ActivTrak works by utilizing an invisible Tracking Agent customized to each individual account.

Once installed on your workstations, the Tracking Agent automatically records and sends usage data on all website and application activity directly to your ActivTrak account.

Real-time monitoring through customized alarms and screenshots gives administrators a clear understanding of how employees are spending their time. Data is then compiled into easy-to-read reports.

What can I do with ActivTrak?

  •  Engagement, productivity and performance
  •  Save on administrative costs
  •  Block specific and harmful websites that do not contribute to the benefit of the company
  •  Send pop-up messages
  •  Detect insider threats
  •  Record idle time
  •  Identify problems and serious internet abusers
  •  Customize schedule monitoring for remote workers
  •  Identify highly productive workflows to scale


How large is your user base?       

ActivTrak has over 180,000 active users

What type of clients do you typically serve?

While anyone, any company and any manager may create an account and use ActivTrak, we have proven success with the following types of users:

Who likes ActivTrak the most?

  •  Small- to medium-sized businesses
  •  Enterprise organizations
  •  Physical, virtual and charter schools
  •  Universities
  •  Non-profit organizations



ActivTrak can help you better understand your team by measuring key metrics and productive usage data, then providing valuable Insights on your team’s performance. The following features are included in every ActivTrak Account.


Remote installation Top users Alarm actions
Easy-to-read dashboard Activity log Website blocking
Screenshots Alarm log Data leak prevention
Real-time monitoring Alarms

ActivTrak Features